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Zombieville stats

Zombieville stats published on No Comments on Zombieville stats

These are all the denizens so far. Those names in brackets are the sculpt names of unassigned dolls. The Toxic Waste denizen is a person who has not been assigned a doll and who will probably end up being one of the people currently bracketed. "PWS" stands for person with spondis.

I’m thinking about changing Novella’s name to Penelope, but I’m not sure if I can because she’s been Novella for too long.


Name M/F PWS POC Self ID Fat
Anna F PWS   queer ex-fat
Isabel F PWS   queer fat
Carter M     bi fat
Béatrice F     lesbian fat
Dillon M        
Megan F   POC    
Dr. Z. F PWS POC    
Novella F        
[Metel]     POC    
[Koit]     POC    
[Arine]     POC    
Peter M PWS   straight  
Chaz F PWS POC    
Theophany F        
Toxic Waste denizen          

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