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FS/T: Rare Re-ment Jumbo Food mascots

FS/T: Rare Re-ment Jumbo Food mascots published on No Comments on FS/T: Rare Re-ment Jumbo Food mascots

Hey, anyone want more Rements? :winky: These come from the 2009 Jumbo Food
mascot set, which means that they are individually packaged Rements
on chains that you’re supposed to attach to your cell phone. Of course,
you can take the chain off.

The cool thing about these is that they’re a bit larger than most
Rements, which are usually a bit undersized. They’re also huge servings
in defiance of such mundane concerns as gravity! I mean, look at
the fruit on that sundae. How is it hanging on???!!

I have about 6 or 7 pieces from the set still in their sealed clear
plastic bags. $5.50 apiece + s/h.

Official photos because my camera is currently occupied:

Tempura bowl:

Steak and gravy:

Rice bowl:

Custard with chocolate sauce:

4-scoop ice cream cone:

Sundae with fruit:

I have little to no online access this weekend, so, if you PM me,
please be patient for my reply. Thanks.

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