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Tonner finally makes something I want.

Tonner finally makes something I want. published on No Comments on Tonner finally makes something I want.

Check out this doll inspired by Dr. Seuss illustrations. She’s theoretically an interpretation of the palette from The Lorax, hence the name Truffula.

I like everything about the outfit, but the doll itself bores me to tears. Her hair should be either a gravity-defying, multi-tiered sculpture or some wild mess of tricolored faux fur [or a gravity-defying sculpture of faux fur with an explosion on the top]. Her makeup is way too flat and subdued, and her bug eyes do her no favors whatsoever. Snore.

This is the sort of outfit that I would purchase and then use as the centerpiece for a custom doll. That will never happen, however, because I am never getting into 1:4 scale. NEVER!

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