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I can just see the discussion now…

I can just see the discussion now… published on No Comments on I can just see the discussion now…

…When Dillon, Isabel’s ex, talks to her about buying Eppie, her pink Bug decorated with Puritan gravestone iconography.

"Is that the pink hearse?"

"It’s not a hearse; it’s a Bug."

"Well, it’s got all those skulls and crossbones on it."

"Those are death’s heads. You know nothing about eighteenth-century New England cemetery iconography."

"And I don’t want to either. Shudder. …They’d better be removable. The pink I can handle, but not those creepy stickers."

"And this is YET ANOTHER reason we broke up. The historically accurate decals are removable, and don’t worry. I’m keeping them."

"Thank God. It’s a deal!"


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