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Isabel now has a pink Bug.

Isabel now has a pink Bug. published on 1 Comment on Isabel now has a pink Bug.

I’m not sure if I want to spray paint it either black or white or just leave it pink and put some weird designs on it. For some reason I’m thinking that there should be cemetery iconography on it. :p I mean, she likes this couch, so why not extend the same excruciating design principles to her car?

Vanity plate: EPITAPH. Isabel’s name for her car: Eppie. Yeah, she’s weird…

Isabel rocks! \o/

No wonder she gets haunted by a dead version of herself.

EDIT: I think I’ll leave the car pink, but stencil some death’s heads on it in black. FUCK YEAH!!!

EDIT 2: Gravestone Artwear generously allowed me to use some of their designs on Isabel’s car, so I vectorized four of my favorites. I will then create custom window clings that I can stick on the doors, hood and trunk of her car. This is going to be amazing! Hmmm, I should also create a little window cling too. 😀

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