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Well, that escalated quickly.

Well, that escalated quickly. published on No Comments on Well, that escalated quickly.

Last week, I saw that someone was auctioning off her Soom Faery Legend Auber on Ebay. She bought him with outfit and wig, but no faceup or eyes, during Soom’s lottery last month when they were getting rid of old unclaimed stock. [I put in for a grey Auber during that lottery, but did not get him.]

I watched this auction for a white one with interest…especially as the starting bid, $450.00, reflected exactly what the first owner had paid for him, including all options and shipping. Since Auber fullsets rarely appear on the secondary market for less than $600.00, I viewed this auction as a chance to acquire a doll I wanted, hopefully without the ridiculous markup.

In preparation for a bidding war on Auber, I dropped prices yesterday on a few dolls that I had lingering on the DOA marketplace. Hours later, someone purchased both my Soom Uyoo Quite Rabbit and my Limhwa Sara for $475.00 shipped. She paid immediately, thus financing a bid on Auber for which I did not have to do creative accounting with my checking and savings accounts. :p

I stalked the auction during its final hours, and it held steady with only a single bid. With a minute remaining before close, I placed my $750.00 high bid and went to run around the office to relieve some tension.

Won the auction at $465.00!! \o/ \o/

Hey there, Jareth Jr. What’s up? :p

I can’t stand Soom’s male Mini Gem body sculpt with its ridiculously jacked proportions, so I’m going to put Jareth Jr.’s head and hands on a slim Lumedoll Lumelight body. Haven’t decided what to do about the feet. I might try modding the faery feet into ridiculous stiletto heels or something. :p

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