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$30.86 for two yards of fabric

$30.86 for two yards of fabric published on No Comments on $30.86 for two yards of fabric

This fabric, to be precise.

Not that specific piece of fabric, but two yards of the same design. I got a small amount of said fabric from Andrea several years back and trimmed it to a square of approximately 18 x 18 inches, stapling it to a sheet of foamcore for a sky backdrop. The small size of the sky, however, means that I can only shoot from certain angles without getting either the edges of the backdrop or the wall behind it in the photos.

I will soon be acquiring, however, a magnetic trifold that renders all foamcore backdrops superfluous, thank Jesus. I will be able to achieve more than 180 degrees of backdrop, thus allowing me to shoot from multiple angles without showing off my fabulous wall.

Of course, achieving 180+ degrees of backdrop requires enough backdrop to cover the entire trifold, which, I believe, is 44 inches wide. I do not currently have 44 inches of the aforementioned sky, a cotton print by Michael Miller, Periwinkle, from the Landscape series. Therefore, I went on a quest.

I could not easily find Periwinkle, so I first tried to satisfy myself with an alternative. That didn’t work. I especially like that way that Periwinkle is patterned, but not obviously repetitive. Its watercolor-like, loose forms concur with my impressionistic aesthetic. Finally, Periwinkle can suggest more than just sky; one Figurvore member who saw Ellery in the cemetery with this as the backdrop remarked that it looked like the cemetery was on the edge of a lake. That comment just solidified my desire for this particular print.

Naturally, Periwinkle proved elusive because it was no longer produced. But, just as I was getting pissed off over Periwnkle’s disappearance from the primary market, I discovered two yards on Ebay and stalked them. That is how I wound up paying ~$15.00 a yard for some out-of-print fabric.

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