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More detailed mockups of Yamarrah

More detailed mockups of Yamarrah published on No Comments on More detailed mockups of Yamarrah

You’ve heard me and Jareth talking about her, but, unless you’re Janna, you haven’t seen detailed renderings of Yamarrah’s mockup. Here they are.

First mockup. At this point I decided that, as much as Yamarrah loves ice cream, ice cream print on her clothing might be a bit overkill, as would pink and red on the same sweatshirt. Pink and red and black in her wig are not overkill, though, and neither are three sparkly embroidered creemee appliques. Sadly, I couldn’t find any pink basketball shoes, so I had to go with black/red ones instead.

Sources: Blank vampire head from Iplehouse’s product page for Doria The Addiction. Faux fur from product page on LuxuryFauxFur’s Etsy shop. Yamarrah’s body and outfit adapted from product page on violetheavensky’s Etsy shop. Basketball shoes from product page on Moonlight Doll. Creemee appliques yanked from the Ebay listing where I purchased them. Creemee earrings adapted from product page on Sausalito Ferry. Everything else is the product of my strange imagination combined with my mediocre Photoshop skillz. :p

Yamarrah’s faceup so far. Picture is blurry because I was working from a small photo of Doria’s blank fantasy head, which I then crunched through Photoshop in an attempt to make it larger, while also less pixelated.

I have some pink eyes hanging around from the aborted Lura project, so she’s getting them. I’m also trying to make her eyebrows look excited and welcoming, but they are currently looking a bit too sarcastic. :p

Although I like dolls with open mouths [see Araminthe, Lola Paprika and Janvier Jett], I’ve never painted one myself. Yamarrah will be a challenge because her mouth is particularly complicated. Coloring any mouth becomes more complex when you have to deal with not just the lips, but the teeth and the interior. Two types of teeth — regular and fanged — make it even harder. And the tongue just raises the difficulty by an order of magnitude, in part because it’s hard to convincingly represent a soft, wet, shiny surface in resin. Besides, she’s both licking her lower lip and biting her tongue.

There’s a lot of shiny, squishy, wet oral tissue in such a small area that has to be carefully differentiated. I wish that she, like IOS’ Infernale and many other dolls with open mouths, came with a separate tooth plate and/or tongue. Then painting her mouth would be a lot easier.

Initially, I was gonna make Yamarrah’s earrings out of Iwako ice cream erasers. Then I realized that I have some ridiculously large Rement creemees hanging around from my Jumbo Food acquisition. As soon as I purchased that set, I realized that I could have easily made such creemees on my own, and, indeed, I prefer to make my own stuff where possible. Thus, because I will be making my own creemees, I have two extras, with convenient loops on top through which earring hooks can be placed. Hooray! Earrings for Yamarrah!

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