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Glittery pastel creemee appliques

Glittery pastel creemee appliques published on No Comments on Glittery pastel creemee appliques

The seller’s photos of the creemee appliques for Yamarrah’s sweatshirt do not encompass the sheer tackitude of these decorations, so I have scanned my own appliques.


I can just imagine the designer’s thoughts:

Okay, this needs to be REALLY BRIGHT. I’ll do light pastels: pink and blue. Wait…I really like pink. Better add some magenta. And canary yellow. 

Hmm…still not enough. I know! Besides pastel pink and baby blue, the creemee swirls should be iridescent purple. Tres glitzy.

I don’t know. It’s just not POPPING.


Well, of course! The cones need to be polka dotted! And the ice cream needs stars on top!

…Whaddaya mean — a Bedazzler would put us over budget?! I wanted rhinestones!

Fear not, frustrated designer! With the small adhesive rhinestones from among my supplies, I will rectify such a grievous decorative omission!

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