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Lace vomit

Lace vomit published on No Comments on Lace vomit


Almost as amusing a phrase as "tonsil hockey!"

…Lace vomit is what happens when makers of BJD clothes get really excited about adding ruffles and frills everywhere to their pieces, ending up with results like Souldoll’s ACH-ZM or Ruvo-Z, which are kind of stupendous in their commitment to rufflitudinousness [which is now a word because I just made it up].

I’ve been thinking about lace vomit in the back of my mind as I try to work out what outfits I’d like to commission Isabeau for Mr. Demandypants. He requires copious spills of scrunched-up trim.

So far I’m thinking about something combining elements from ACH-ZM and Ruvo-Z.

The Ruvo-Z shirt appeals to me, especially with the leg-o’-mutton sleeves and gratuitous slashing/lacing, but I’m thinking pale pink instead, although the white/pewter look is very classy. Jareth’s version needs to have bigger poofy parts on the tops of the sleeves.

I also like the Ruvo-Z corset because certain individuals can never have too many.

The best part of the outfit is that lace vomit of raggedy tulle and raw ruffled fabric coming off the lower hem of the shirt. I’d make it separate from the shirt and more like a wraparound skirt: fuller, more of a distressed slashed black tulle petticoat understory, topped with at least five or six raw squizzled ruffles.

From this outfit, I select several elements:

  • blouse
  • corset
  • wrap skirt

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