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Thinking about Jareth’s clothes again

Thinking about Jareth’s clothes again published on No Comments on Thinking about Jareth’s clothes again

 I also have the following ideas for items to commission from Isabeau:

  • underwear
  • stockings/fishnets
  • fishnet shirt
  • black leggings
  • cape with collar
  • something like Soom Faery Legend Kremer’s skirt, but without the neck strap

He definitely needs underwear [so he can stop flashing me :p] and the black leggings, as Yamarrah is taking the pair that he has worn in the past.

Outfit 1

  • laced blouse with leg-o’-mutton sleeves
  • corset
  • wrap skirt
  • cape with collar
  • underwear
  • fishnets

Outfit 2

  • ???

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