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Isabel got more dolls today!

Isabel got more dolls today! published on No Comments on Isabel got more dolls today!

One was Bering Lusk, my Harumika mannequin who went to visit Andrea a while, then came back when I decided that Isabel needed a lifesize doll. I discovered that Bering’s arms popped out of their sockets, so I was able to dress her in actual clothes, as opposed to the strange tuck-and-wrap fabrics she was sold with.

Isabel is pretty proud of her mannequin. Shirt, vest and skirt by Andrea!

Andrea also gave Isabel another doll. I know nothing about her except that she is 2.25" tall and articulated everywhere except for the elbows. Why not??? I like her disgusted expression.

EDIT: A helpful individual from MWD has identified this mini figure as a Hasbro Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Mikaela figure who came packaged with some Transformers.


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