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Alabama and the rest of my haul from Georgia Landau’s castoffs

Alabama and the rest of my haul from Georgia Landau’s castoffs published on No Comments on Alabama and the rest of my haul from Georgia Landau’s castoffs

Out of the blue, earlier this month, I received an E-mail from figural sculptor Georgia Landau, asking me if I wished to buy some of her dollmaking supplies. After decades of making dolls, primarily in porcelain, she has moved onto clay, leaving behind wool and other fibers, fabrics, furniture and other odds and ends. Unable to make her official Saturday moving sale, I trekked to Montpelier Friday after work in driving rain to examine the goods.

Here’s my haul: a sheet of mohair, white wool, grey wool, wicker furniture, a 1:6 scale porcelain doll, a black/gold boa, deep gold wool, pale gold wool, strawberry gold wool, medium brown wool, orange wool, cranberry wool, black fabric with purple sparkles and a brown shelf with red velvet backing.

I’ll be using the wool in my continuing experiments in creation of 1:6 scale wigs. The wicker and the shelf will go into my collection of 1:6 scale furniture, while the sparkly fabric will be an overskirt for the dead version of Isabel. The boa is, of course, for Jareth.

The doll, a 1:6 scale teenager, was sculpted, painted and assembled by Georgia. Actually, only her head, forearms/hands and calves/feet are made of porcelain, attached to a soft body with wire armature. While not jointed at neck, wrists or ankles, she’s still very poseable and articulated enough to hang out with my action figures and BJDs.

I picked her out from the available options [all bald and naked] because of her teeth. They protrude slightly, adding to her overall characterization of a gawky adolescent girl still growing into her body.

As I mentioned, I purchased her naked and hairless, so she didn’t come with those clothes. I picked her outfit from my stash of loudly printed pieces made to fit female action figures. She obviously thinks she’s pretty damn cool!

I plan to make her some hair out of the orange yarn [center front of third picture above] and put it in two pigtails, one over each ear.

In tribute to her maker [Georgia], I have named her after another Southern state: Alabama. 


P.S. Did I mention that I made off with this all for only $35.00?! Definitely worth a 2-hour drive in a downpour!

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