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Poor Peter

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He’s undergone so many permutations, none of which have satisfied me. Friday night I had the sad epiphany that he needed a resculpt. I’ve tried a bazillion times to work with the Sideshow The Dead Punk headsculpt, and it continues to fail me.

I decided to try one last time, though, and strip the paint off his head, hands and torso. After untold hours and repeated applications of Pebeo, he was mostly paint-free. I then realized with dismay that the head’s built-in woeful expression will never accurately capture Peter, who is friendly, even-tempered and relatively content.

Looked online briefly to find a bald male head with a neutral expression. Unfortunately, most male action figures look grim and constipated [grim because constipated?] and they have hair, so I could only find ones that were either bald/constipated or hairy/neutral, not bald/neutral. I gave up.

I looked through my drawer of extra bodies and heads. I procured a Triad Lola head, which I originally bought in 2009 for its "sarcastic expression," and plopped it on an Obitsu Slim Male body. I really like the sharp features here, as well as the deep-set, baggy eyes and the creases between the corners of the nose and lips.

Then I used some Aves Apoxie Sculpt to bulk out the brow ridge, the jawline and the bridge of the nose. I tried for relative bilateral symmetry, but I figure that any asymmetry can be attributed to the bodily disintegration caused by spondis. When this rough sculpting dries, I will refine it and later add the bump on his nose and the ball of his chin, also filling in the rooting holes.

It’s a silly, messy, incomplete mockup below, but it does depict the way I want to paint his eyes and mouth. I may go with heavy, straight eyebrows too, just for something different from my usual curved ones. I am pleased to note that, even in rough draft, he looks nicer, as opposed to his original form, which always looked like he just realized he had the runs.


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