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Head slicing on Pearlene

Head slicing on Pearlene published on No Comments on Head slicing on Pearlene

I decided that I could not save Pearlene’s lovely russet hair, as my resizing goals require me to actually see the full size and shape of her head, so I gave her a very bad haircut. I then did some more experimenting with photos of her in Photoshop.

The horizontal yellow line marks where I can trim her head height without losing any proportionality. The vertical yellow line marks where I can trim her head depth without losing any proportionality. Sure, I lose her ears, but that’s easily disguised with strategic placement of hair and/or haberdashery.

Removing those portions of her fat head will certainly make derooting her hair much easier. I’ll have to be careful to save her neck socket.

I have some tags for faceups and wigs. I now clearly need some tags to cover my body mods. Maybe "body mods 1:6" and "head mods 1:6?"

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