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Was I the only one…

Was I the only one… published on No Comments on Was I the only one…

…who liked the Mattel Flavas dolls? Leaving aside the bobbleheads on the girls and the lack of jointed knees [WHY?!?!], I liked them because they looked and dressed most like people I was likely to encounter everyday. Denim jackets, low-riding jeans, baggy windpants and warmup jackets, hightops, loose T-shirts, midriff-baring tops, baseball caps to wear backwards — these appeal to me much more than the ensembles provided with Integrity Fashion Royalties.

Apropos of everyday clothes for dolls, I think it would be fucking hilarious and also awesome if some company did a series of college student outfits: 

  • "8 AM Classes." Worn, faded T-shirt with university logo, plaid pajama pants, Ugg boots or slip-on sandals, notebook, pen, coffee cup, banana [for breakfast]. Female figures have loose ponytails; male figures have hair sticking up.
  • "Go Sports Team!" Sweatshirt with university sports team logo, optional baseball cap with same, pennants and/or signs, air horn [hahahahahah!], little stuffed mascot, concession snack [hot dog or pretzel]. Facial screening includes face paint in school colors.
  • "Exam Jam." T-shirt, jeans, socks, no shoes, laptop, notebook, pen, highlighter, stack of textbooks. Facial screening includes furrowed brows, bags under eyes and worried frowns.
  • "Blind Date." Dressy clothes, flatter hair for male figures, more complicated updos and more makeup for female figures, cologne bottle for male figures, perfume bottle for female figures, wallets, smart phones and How To Ace Your First Date guidebook for both.
  • "Senioritis." Tank tops, shorts, sneakers, baseball caps, shades, bikini top options for female figures, messy hair, books and magazines for pleasure reading, Frisbee, water bottle, sunbathing towel. Headsculpts have big smiles.
  • "Now What?" Graduation gown, cap with tassel, diploma, congratulatory bouquet, yearbook, clothes and hairstyles a la "Blind Date." Headsculpts look like O_O.

I crack me up!

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