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Flower as Mackenzie

Flower as Mackenzie published on No Comments on Flower as Mackenzie

I’ve wanted to redo Flower’s default faceup for a long time. When the occasion rolled around to create Mackenzie, Ellery’s new love interest, I took the opportunity to wipe Flower and repaint him temporarily to be Mackenzie. Faceup is unsealed, mostly watercolor pencil, with some black acrylic for eyelashes and brown acrylic for eyebrows. Beard shadow was achieved with brown dashes of watercolor pencil, shaded darker with black watercolor pencil where she has the densest facial hair. She’s wearing FR Homme clothes, mostly from London Crossing Kyu [Barrett]. The sweater vest, however, comes from London Crossing Cruz, and it looks gloriously meretricious!

I’m having a really, really hard time referring to Flower as Mackenzie, even though he really looks very different as Mackenzie than he does as himself. :p

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