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Success with poodle shag wigs!

Success with poodle shag wigs! published on No Comments on Success with poodle shag wigs!

Making wigs out of poodle shag faux fur requires more patience than making fur wigs out of regular faux fur. I finally achieved acceptable results for Chaz [top] and Doctor Z [bottom].

To work with the poodle shag, I marked the pattern with lightly sketched pen, which did not bleed through the backing as much as my usual marker, a Sharpie permanent. I also cut large to compensate for the poodle shag backing’s lack of stretch. I also glued in small pieces to the finished wigs to fill in any bare areas, which appear more readily with poodle shag, as it is sparser than straight fur fibers. Finally, in Chaz’ case, I quickly whipped a light application of diluted Mod Podge through her hair so that it kept its loft and kink, but maintained more of a definite shape. I left Doctor Z’s hair loose, as I’m going for an Einsteinian air with her.

I’m very pleased with the poodle shag wigs I’ve made. The kinky fibers work well for in-scale, small, tight curls. I accomplished what I wanted to do — make wild hair for Doctor Z — and now I have little incentive to work with the remaining scraps, especially since they’re so difficult.

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