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The neverending story of Peter’s walker

The neverending story of Peter’s walker published on No Comments on The neverending story of Peter’s walker

I’m going to ditch my current attempt at Peter’s walker. I need to start all over again with another folding chair. This time, I will do the following differently:

I will not cut down the seat depth.

I will use coat hangers as a source of wire for the frame, rather than 10 gauge solid core copper, which bends very hard.

I will not use Aves Apoxie Sculpt to adhere the pieces of the frame together, as it destroys the sleek lines I’m going for.

Bllllah. This project has caused me nothing but frustration. However, I am determined to try once more, given what I have learned from my initial mistakes. If this doesn’t work, I’ll commission someone to make one. However, it’s much cheaper and easier to make my own.

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