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The Excessive school of decoration

The Excessive school of decoration published on 1 Comment on The Excessive school of decoration

This is how Jareth thinks:

If pink hair is good, fluorescent pink hair is better!

If two leather collars are good, two leather collars and a locking bolero/pauldron thing with chains and dangly accents is better!

If calf-high platform heels are good, knee-high platform stiletto heels are better!

If a black cape is good, a sparkly black cape is better!

[P.S. I’m not really sure what’s up with the glasses, but he seems pretty attached to them. :p ]

Behold him below in more clothes created by the inimitable, fastidious and brilliant Brenda/Isabeau/Pansy Fashions:

What have we learned from today’s shoot? Jareth really needs a stand!

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