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Further wig experiments for Isabel

Further wig experiments for Isabel published on No Comments on Further wig experiments for Isabel

I have refined my wig making procedure. I used to hot-glue both the hairline edges and the center part. Hot glue, however, is not that flexible, so it often rendered the center part blocky and unrealistic. I changed from gluing the center part to hand sewing it. The results are more flexible, and they curve around the head naturalistically. I’m still hot gluing the hairline, though.

Here’s my first wig with a sewn part: 1" purple base with 3" orange and yellow spikes.

Here is Isabel’s real hair, 3" grey fur that I buzzed down with an unguarded set of hair clippers. She went grey in her mid-twenties, a fact that she remains both cross and embarrassed about. Hence the wigs. Anyway, for a first try for a close-clipped wig, I think this came out pretty well.

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