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Winner of the Ms. Appropriation 2013 contest

Winner of the Ms. Appropriation 2013 contest published on No Comments on Winner of the Ms. Appropriation 2013 contest

Sylvia Blomqvist, Zombieville denizen, PWS and one of the people in charge of the Lakeside Community Co-op. New Agey syncretist par excellence and embodiment of the worst of cultural appropriation. 

  • Pissed off Prunella, who was out from the shop, lobbying in Montpelier for state recognition of the Abenaki tribe, by saying, "Indians are so spiritual!"
  • Pissed off Peter, who was interested in dating her, until she started treating him like a "gay best friend accessory. And I’m not even gay!"
  • Has a tattoo that she says is "Chinese for ‘life force,’" but Barrett says it’s gibberish.

I think I’m going to embody her in the Pocahontas doll that I got from Andrea, shown at left in the photo below. That doll needs some serious rehab.

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