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More salvaged and improved wigs for Isabel

More salvaged and improved wigs for Isabel published on No Comments on More salvaged and improved wigs for Isabel

I have finished salvaging all those earlier wigs that I could, cutting out the hot glue center parts and stitching in hand sewn ones. I have taken the opportunity to try various hairstyles. Some of them even came out looking good!

I’m most pleased with the double pigtails in the top left and the orange/pink/red in the lower right. 1" base with 3" spikes makes nice double pigtails [out of the 3" spikes, of course].

Now that I have about 10 wigs styled and stiffened with Mod Podge, I remain unsure how to store them. I want to preserve their shapes, so I can’t just toss them in a bag where they will be squished. Maybe a plastic storage tray with adjustable dividers would work.

One of my next wigmaking permutations involves ponytails. Instead of a single piece of fur, the ponytail wigs will have one piece of fur for the base and then separate pieces of fur for ponytails. I think that tubes or cones of fur will suffice for the ponytails, but I’ll have to actually start working with them to see the best way to attach them.

I also want to try my hand at inclusions, by which I mean small pieces of fur incorporated into the main base. I have experimented in a small way with inclusions by gluing little separate bits of fur along the hairline so that, as in the case of the orange/pink/red exemplar above, some bright areas of color frame the face. Pearlene shows my first try at front hairline inclusions:

Anyway, I want to try inclusions in the top layers of hair, rather than just on the underside of the front hairline. To do this, I think I’ll need to constitute each side of the wig from two or more pieces of fur before stitching everything together. Once I figure out how to do this effectively, I want to make a wig incorporating as many colors as possible, just for sheer obnoxiousness!

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