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How could I resist? Answer: I couldn’t.

How could I resist? Answer: I couldn’t. published on No Comments on How could I resist? Answer: I couldn’t.

I just put a down payment on another 1:6 scale BJD, a Sleeping Elf/Tinybear Coco in light tan with faceup, wig, eyes and dress. Here she is as she appears now. Photo by previous owner Luann [Gwydion on DOA].

Like my other Tinybear doll, the Bonbon that I modded and made into Béatrice, Coco comes with long pointed ears and a short, fat body. Pictures on Tinybear’s site show the Bonbon/Coco body more clearly.

My Coco, whose name is Delphine, could easily be another short, fat woman with dwarfism, like Béatrice, but I’m not sure I want to do that. [But…MORE FAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] At one point, I wanted to copy the kitbash of another Figurvore member, who spliced a dark tan Coco with a chocolate Hujoo body. The results were amazing, but Hujoos don’t come in light tan [I don’t think] to match Delphine’s resin. I believe that the chocolate Hujoo I have will be too dark for Delphine, but I’ll have to compare when I have both in hand.

Anyway, guess who scored Delphine for $90.00 shipped and insured?! Me, that’s who! She goes for ~$220.00 new, but Gwydion wanted to clear her out, so I got such a deal.

One of the best things about 1:6 scale is that they take up so much less room than 1:3 scale! I’ve pretty much maxed out my available space for 1:3 scale [at least until we move into a house], but I can always wedge another 1:6er in somewhere. Gonna hafta start stackin’ ’em like cord wood soon… :p

Ooooooh, I just got the best idea! Delphine could be Béatrice’s twin sister! Then Isabel and Carter would not be the only set of twins in Zombieville. YAY TWINS! YAY FAT DOLLS! YAY FAT TWIN DOLLS! [Yay for people’s names without accents that require tedious copying and pasting from other programs to render!] Yay Delphine!

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