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Notes on Muggins [Isabel’s cat]

Notes on Muggins [Isabel’s cat] published on No Comments on Notes on Muggins [Isabel’s cat]

Isabel has a cat, Muggins, who is a slender, somewhat undersized female cat, all black, with bright green eyes. Isabel rescued her and thinks she’s about four or five years old.

Muggins is a very talkative, sociable, friendly, snuggly, affectionate cat who evinces many traits more often associated with dogs. She is absolutely devoted to Isabel: she sits at the door, meowing, when Isabel comes home, follows Isabel from room to room [including bathroom], sits either next to her, in her lap or on top of her where possible and sleeps either at Moriendi’s feet or on Isabel’s pillow. If Isabel closes a door on her or moves to another room when Muggins is sleeping, Muggins lets out distress calls. Isabel says, "I’m right here!" and then Muggins comes running.

Muggins seems to be pretty smart for a cat. She knows her name and comes when called. She knows the different places from which dry food, catnip, cat treats and yogurt come from, and she will sit by the appropriate place, chirping, depending on what she wants. She knows how to turn on the bathroom faucet for running water. Isabel swears that Muggins also changes the sound on her alarm clock from beeping to radio when she wants Isabel to wake up.

Muggins likes to play with Isabel. Isabel puts her covers over her head, and Muggins pats at her with her paw until Isabel comes out. When Isabel is in the bathroom, sometimes Muggins sits on the sink and turns the faucet on whenever Isabel turns it off. Isabel plays "birdies" with Muggins by fluttering her hands just over Muggins’ head. Muggins grabs Isabel’s hands with her front paws and play bites them. She also plays fetch with her jingle ball and steals the drawstrings from Isabel’s pajama pants and slippers. She also likes to hunt doll wigs, kill them, then hide them and sleep on them. She also likes to sleep in Isabel’s doll sets, much to Isabel’s dismay.

Muggins likes to hunt. Besides the aforementioned doll wigs, she also stalks moths, mosquitoes, spiders and flies. After she catches something and harasses it to death, she regularly presents her trophies to Isabel with much purring and chirping. Muggins leaves her kills on Isabel’s desk or on her pillow, mostly moths, flies and horribly mangled doll wigs. She has also occasionally offered Isabel parts of small unidentifiable furry animals and pieces of toads.

Muggins is bold and unafraid. She bounds up to new people, wagging her tail, sniffing and rubbing all over them, asking for petpets. Even the vacuum doesn’t scare her. In fact, she likes having her loose fur vacuumed off. When Isabel turns on the vacuum, Muggins appears and starts rubbing against the vacuum and purring.

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