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Yamarrah updates: eyes, earrings, sweatshirt, spray paint

Yamarrah updates: eyes, earrings, sweatshirt, spray paint published on No Comments on Yamarrah updates: eyes, earrings, sweatshirt, spray paint

Yamarrah moves closer and closer toward completion. She got new and improved eyes recently from Captured in Glass. They are low-dome 14mms with chartreuse irises and pupils the color of oxygenated blood. They go better with her overall concept than did the pink ones. They also photo brilliantly!

You can also see in this picture that I shortened her earring hooks so that they hung closer to her ear lobes.

Yamarrah is such a cuddly, adorable doll. The floppiness of her body makes her more akin to a rag doll or a stuffed animal, and she’s lightweight, so she is easy to hold. Her head, which is a bit oversize for her neck, bobbles easily, so she defaults to a position in which her chin is ducked, head cocked. This posture, plus her side glance and licking tongue, makes her seem shy, playful and sly at the same time. The body I have given her adds to her character, making her fidgety and cuddly, which I did not expect when I was developing her. She is a very nice vampire; she likes to give hugs!

I finally got around to applying the iron-on appliques of creemees to Yamarrah’s sweatshirt.

I had taken off Yamarrah’s clothes because I planned to spray paint her arms, shoulders, neck and upper torso in a scheme that would make it match her head color. Today I put her clothes back on because I decided that, if I do decide to do this elaborate spray job, I will do so next spring when the temperatures have truly warmed up. Spray painting just seems like a horrible ordeal, so I may skip it.

Anyway, here she is in her full regalia so far, ignited by the setting sun in a manner appropriate for a fire elemental.

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