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Today’s progress on the walker: painted!

Today’s progress on the walker: painted! published on No Comments on Today’s progress on the walker: painted!

I primed and spray painted Peter’s walker today. I knew that the dowels would take paint without trouble, but I thought the paint might not attach to the wire hangers. However, the primed hangers took paint fine!

It took all day to prime each side of the frame pieces twice, with drying in between, then the opposite sides, with drying in between. Then I spray painted one coat on each side of the frame pieces, let dry, repeated, spray painted the flip sides, let dry, did touch up, let dry, did more touchup, let dry. Finally I put everything on the enclosed back porch to fully dry out and offgas for a while.

Once the pieces have really dried and offgassed, I can hot glue the frame together. Next steps will be adding wheels [also with hot glue — very easy] and then figuring out where and how to pad the frame.

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