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Delphine as she is now

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Delphine, Béatrice’s twin sister, arrived today! Here she is [at right] with Béatrice [at left]. Like Béatrice, she came too loosely strung, with elastic of too narrow a gauge. She also has the elastic strung around her headcap hook, which needs to change. Additionally, she has scuzz keeping her eyes in her sockets and a very light default faceup.

Delphine needs all the improvements that her sister required almost a year ago: 1) restringing more tightly with the appropriate gauge of elastic, 2) adjustment so that stringing does not hook into headcap and so that  wrists/ankles have S hooks, 3) removal of eye scuzz, 4) removal of default faceup.

Of course, I’ll also sand down her ears, redo her faceup, replace her eyes, wire her arms, make her a wig and find her some shoes. I didn’t give her one of my existing wigs now because I had a suspicion that whatever wig I plopped on her would inevitably become hers, and I don’t want to fight with her over a wig that I intended for Isabel. :p

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