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1:6 scale food I made last night

1:6 scale food I made last night published on No Comments on 1:6 scale food I made last night

Last night I took a class in making polymer clay foods with Melissa Cook, a local miniaturist. I really enjoyed myself as she taught us how to make jack-o-lanterns, apples, bananas and bread. She was teaching in 1:12 scale, but she provided enough clay for me to make fewer items, but larger ones.

Jack-o-lantern: formed, carved and baked around a core of loosely wadded tin foil.

Apples: lime green dusted with bright red pastel.

Bananas: bright yellow flattened to make four "ribs," brushed with lime green along top, bottom and ribs. Top to be colored with black Sharpie. Spots to be added with brown marker.

Bread: very pale tan with most color added via pastels: red, orange, brown, yellow, ochre. Red and dark brown look good for the toasted parts. Ochre gives the cooked parts a nice depth.

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