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Update on Zombieville kids

Update on Zombieville kids published on No Comments on Update on Zombieville kids

Here’s a photo of the two older kids I have constructed. Not-Baozha is at left, and at right is an Obitsu W-02 prerooted, prepainted head for 27cm female dolls on a DiD Timo Ducca body. Not-Baozha is 11 inches tall, scaling out at 5.5 feet. W-02 is 10 inches tall, scaling out at 4.5 feet.

I am having such trouble with these tertiaries because they don’t have names! Fuck it — they’re getting named, if only for ease of identification. Not-Baozha is now Michelle. Michelle’s companion is Destiny. I think Michelle is about 12 or 13, while Destiny is about 10 or 11.

Here’s the base for my next kid.

This is a character doll in the likeness of Annie from the 1982 live-action film Annie, based on the musical, which was based on the comic strip. Made by Knickerbocker, the doll measures about 5.75" and wears a detailed outfit, including underwear. Very cute, but sorely lacking in articulation. Though the character is supposed to be around 8 years old, the doll looks more like a 5-year-old to me.

I remain uncertain about what to do with this doll. I would love to transplant her head and outfit to a more articulated body, but I can’t find any of the appropriate size. Hmmm…

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