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Epona’s done!

Epona’s done! published on No Comments on Epona’s done!

Since I last wrote about my progress on Epona, I have completed her modifications. I couldn’t sand the Aves Apoxie Sculpt over her leg joins so that it was flush with the rest of her thighs. Therefore I redid the Apoxie Sculpt by putting down a thin layer from mid-thighs all the way to the ends of her upper leg pieces [i.e., the tops of the knee joints]. I didn’t go all the way up to the top of her upper leg pieces [i.e., up by the hip sockets] because those areas would be covered by her shorts and I am lazy.

Anyway, I smoothed the Apoxie Sculpt when pliable with saliva and my fingers. When it dried, I sanded a little bit, but really didn’t care to make it perfectly smooth. Then I painted her new thighs to match her existing yellowish tan skin tone and matte varnished the heck out of them, also doing the same for her breast and the backs of her hands. Also touched up any chipping paint on her calves and hooves, covering with plenty of matte varnish. Finally I touched up and sealed the paint on the tips of her ears, made holes in her shirt and shorts for her tail, kept them from running with a few stitches, dressed her, hot glued in her tail, and she was done.

I think she’s adorable. 😀

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