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Macro? Polo!

Macro? Polo! published on No Comments on Macro? Polo!

I got a 60mm macro lens yesterday. At $470.00, it cost more than my camera.

It is totally worth the investment, though, because now I can take the type of pictures that I wanted to take when I got my first digital camera about a decade ago. Like this:

It’s time for your closeup, Isabel.

Now you can see how truly messy my faceups are. I don’t care!!

Here’s a piece from my most recent polymer clay endeavors. I took a CVU Access course on framing mirrors with polymer clay and also framing pictures with miniature framing. I made Isabel’s modern hand mirror by flattening a blob of polymer clay and embedding a small square of mirror within. I then squared off three of the polymer clay sides with a craft blade. I then added a skull decoration that the class teacher had premade.

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