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Glamazon needs Obitsu Regular Male arms

Glamazon needs Obitsu Regular Male arms published on No Comments on Glamazon needs Obitsu Regular Male arms

I just pried one of Will’s arms out of his dress so I could check the look of an Obitsu Regular Male arm with the Playtoy XL torso. Yup, that’s exactly the robust muscularity I’m going for! The jointing on these arms provides a full range of motion at the elbow, which can truly fold the arms double so that wrist touches shoulder, so that’s also good. As an added bonus, these arms easily fit Takara CG hands [my favorites] with just a little taping of the wrist pegs. Now Will has his arm back, and I have another item to purchase for my Glamazon: Obitsu Regular Male body to supply arms.

Notice how even the excessively orange tones in the Obitsu arm still look more realistic than the "I have no blood" Playtoy?

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