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Chittenden County Doll Club, 01/11/2014

Chittenden County Doll Club, 01/11/2014 published on No Comments on Chittenden County Doll Club, 01/11/2014

The first meetup of 2014 saw me, Lyrajean, goldi and vermont chick braving the torrential downpours to converge upon the Koolvord Room in Brownell Library, Essex Junction, VT because we are hardcore devotees who must have our regular dolly fix. 😀

My dolls:

Sardonix, a Cerebrus Project 2006 Juri head on a modded ShinyDoll Thaasa body, jealously guards her ice cream cone — an Xmas ornament that I got on 50% markdown at Homeport.

Peekaboo, a Barbie head on an enhanced Spin Master Liv body, repainted and dressed by my friend Andrea, enjoys a small cone of her own.


Epona, a Takara Cy Girl Sky collaboratively customized by my friend Twigling and me, approves of her sundae.



goldi’s dolls:

Close-up of Soom Mylo head on Soom Adamelli body.

Volks SD13 Rinon looks contemplative.

Volks SD10 Nana shows off her eerie golden eyes.

Fairyland LittleFee Bonnie looks alert and innocent.

LyraJean’s dolls:

Alchemic Lab Unoa Sist has amazing clear-on-clear eyes.

Volks Tony has had quite enough of your nonsense.

Customhouse Petite Ai Sariel looks so sweet.

Volks Yo-SD Kira in back and Hujoo Freya in front go Web sliding, which is, of course, the Vermont winter equivalent of Web surfing.

Volks Masha steals Sardonix’ ice cream!

vermont chick’s dolls:

Iplehouse KID Lisa looks thoughtful and petulant.


Fairyland Feeple 65 Siean models a truly stunning Iplehouse outfit, Sleeping Beauty for SID.


All the cool people have Fairyland MiniFee Chloes.

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