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All Genesis, all the time!

All Genesis, all the time! published on No Comments on All Genesis, all the time!

I moved my digital me and my digital Jareth over to Genesis base figures [basically by making only their heads visible and parenting each original figure to the Genesis base] because I wanted to use Ball Joint Doll for Genesis’ conforming ball joints to make digital versions of doll likenesses.

Jareth: "For God’s sake, why are you making dolls you can’t touch? I’m right here! You made me in Daz Studio and then had me actualized in resin precisely so you could play with me. So why are you reverting to intangible representations?"

Me: "The digital models have more clothes than you do."

Jareth: "Is that sooooo? Let me see."

Me: "STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP. I don’t need you pestering me for more expensive commissions."

While purchasing the aforesaid digital BJD parts yesterday, I also dug around online and found a crapload [that’s the technical term] of absolutely free Genesis clothing. Wilmap has a beautiful and ever-growing wardrobe of clothes for the figures, most of which are modern and generically historical, pertinent to Western history back to about the 1780s. Lots of high heels too, which Genesis apparently has a tragic lack of. Over on the silly side of things, Ghastly has a comprehensive array of skimpy/fetishy/costumey stuff. I must say — the man is a genius at modeling ruffles.

On the same site [], I also dug up a lot of free morphs for the figure. DieTrying did 184 morphs for V4, and SickleYield has converted them to Genesis. RAMWolff also has a bunch of free morphs for Genesis all nicely packaged. Anyway, the sheer volume of free morphs available for Genesis motivates me to possibly attempt to convert my likeness morphs over to that figure base…possibly…when I have some free time in between all the other projects I have running.

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