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 So apparently the latest version of Daz, which I have on my computer, does what Wardrobe Wizard does, but on a more limited scale — it has a plugin, Autofit, that automatically fits clothes from Victoria 4 and other figures in the same generation to the Genesis and Genesis 2 figures. This reduces immeasurably the time I need to spend on clothing conversions.

Before I discovered Autofit, this is what I was [not] looking forward to:

  1. Go out of Daz, my preferred program, and into Poser [not my preferred program].
  2. Load model [either V4 Morphia for digital me or M3 Brom for digital Jareth].
  3. Open Wardrobe Wizard and analyze morphs on source figure. Wait a while. Save morphs. Close source figure.
  4. Open clothing to be converted. Add source figure morphs to conversion. Wait a while.
  5. Tinker with the fit in Poser, especially the joint parameters.
  6. Go back into Daz for final fitting, posing and futzing.

Morph analyses of the source figures need to be performed only once in Wardrobe Wizard, but the last three steps listed need to be done for every article of clothing per source figure. For example, if I have a corset that I want to use on both digital me and digital Jareth, I need to run two conversions on it, ending up with two separate instances and a whole bunch of large, associated files. No thanks.

Now, with Autofit in the mix, my workflow looks like this:

  1. Preserve custom head morphs the lazy way [make only head and eyes of custom figure visible and parent custom figure to Genesis’ head]. Make Genesis’ head and children invisible, of course!
  2. Use built-in Genesis body morphs [and DieTrying’s free ones] to approximate in Genesis original body shapes of custom characters.
  3. Approximately match textures of Genesis body with custom head [mostly a challenge for digital Jareth, whose Brom M3 UVs do not play well at all with UVs from any more recent generation].
  4. Going over to Poser, use Wardrobe Wizard to convert any pre-V4 content to V4. [No morph analyses or transfers needed, just a simple conversion and some post-conversion futzing in Poser.]
  5. Returning to Daz, load desired Genesis character and desired converted pre-V4 content. Let Autofit do the rest.

I save a heck of a lot of time by not transferring custom shaping morphs to the clothes and also by not creating separate instances of each conversion for each new model I want to fit it to. Saves hard disk space too.

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