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Jareth loosely interprets the 1950s…

Jareth loosely interprets the 1950s… published on No Comments on Jareth loosely interprets the 1950s…

…In prep for hanging out at the Greasy Spoon Champlain Diner.  I have so much fun designing his inimitable style. Have I mentioned that he likes pink and really, really, really high shoes? I’m surprised he’s not showing any leg or midriff, but we can’t flash all of the people all of the time, I suppose. [Sigh.] :p

Usual sources for Jareth base. Hair: Studio Maya’s freebie Twin Tail. Choker: Valea’s freebie Gisele Jewels for V4. Blouse, belt and skirt: Wilmap’s freebie 1950s Outfit for Genesis. Upper arm jewelry and bracelets: Adzan’s freebie Solar Solace for H3. Ballet boots cobbled from uppers of Wilmap’s freebie Knee-Length Buckle Boots for Genesis and feet parts of PhilC’s freebie Rebreather for Sydney, exported as objs and parented to shins. Pose is one of the Genesis Basic Female defaults. Scintillating backdrop of amazing originality and intricacy by yours truly.

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