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Is there a diner in my mini universe?

Is there a diner in my mini universe? published on No Comments on Is there a diner in my mini universe?

I’m having loads of fun with digital me, Jareth and Jennifer, with one exception: posing. My poses for previous generations of figures do not translate well to the Genesis figure on which the digital versions of us are based, so I spend many tedious minutes tweaking and shoving body parts instead of what I’d rather be doing: either a) dressing them up or b) making them have snarky conversations. To obviate this tweaking and shoving, I’ve been looking for poses crafted for the Genesis figure that I can apply with a mere click and then get to the fun part of having them make smart remarks.

I have a lot to consider when purchasing a pose pack. First, I want poses that will cover the mini universe’s major activities. As mentioned, these are 1) sitting around, 2) lying around, 3) conversing and 4) wearing fabulously silly clothes. Thus I need a diversity of casual and/or conversational poses. I’d also like the poses to apply easily to a variety of furniture. And I’d like the pose pack to be relatively affordable.

With these criteria in mind, I’m considering DAZ/Digiport’s Genesis Poses for Moonshine’s Diner Interior and, naturally, Moonshine’s Diner Interior to accommodate the poses. Now that I think about it, I actually have a whole dang diner, Stonemason’s Deco Diner, from my digital LHF days, that I could probably press into service without having to get Moonshine’s Diner Interior.

So anyway — that’s why there may be a diner in my mini universe.

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