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Vermont Rails Train Show, Essex Jct., VT, 03/01/2014

Vermont Rails Train Show, Essex Jct., VT, 03/01/2014 published on No Comments on Vermont Rails Train Show, Essex Jct., VT, 03/01/2014

Having familiarized myself with the general layouts last year, I focused this year on the details, particularly of the sets.

Well, I did take a panorama shot of the Green Mountain Division of the National Model Railroad Association’s amusement park layout. I love fairgrounds!

Merry-go-rounds are my favoritest fair rides.

This animated vignette features a customer who swivels to and away from the hot dog stand, a vendor who approaches and turns away from the counter and, finally, a dog [behind the fire hydrant, probably taking a leak].

Panorama of part of the Vermont Garden Railway Society.

Laundry and racism!

"Let’s take the tub and hustle out of this prejudiced diorama."

The Northwest Vermont Model Railroad’s layout contains a scale replica of the first Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop in Burlington, VT.

…As well as a replica of the station in the Twilight Zone ep A Stop at Willoughby.

"Little boxes on the hillside / Little boxes made of ticky tacky / Little boxes on the hillside / Little boxes all the same…"

Avoiding HO scale bugs on the screened-in porch.


Freud [?!] heads to work.

As usual, I spent most of my time at Barb Pitfido’s Lego layout, which displayed a Harry Potter theme this year.

Bart and Maggie Simpson get air on their joyride.

A testy zombie dwarf lurks in a stump.

Sick of invading, as they were in previous layouts, the aliens finally settle down to drink tea with the locals.

A small-scale train show occurs in the midground.

The gingerbread individual brings a mug to the sweet shop that says DUNK ME.

Watch out, unsuspecting humans! I think that vampire woman is going to clobber you with her ice cream cone.

Hogwarts students test wizarding supplies and make a huge mess in the process.

Centaurs and merpeople hang out around the pond, while the octopus in the foreground leaves for less crowded quarters.

Who thought it was a good idea to put the horses, unicorns, ostriches, goat and hippogriff all in the same small pen? And who’s going to clean it out? [Note brown Lego doots and yellow Lego puddles. Barb remarked that she should have had rainbow bricks for unicorn poop, but thought of that too late.]

Michael Jackson performs for fans.

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