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“Would you care to repeat that bigoted remark?”

“Would you care to repeat that bigoted remark?” published on No Comments on “Would you care to repeat that bigoted remark?”

"…Or should I just upend the contents of this tray over your head pre-emptively?"

Usual comments about Jareth figure, morphs, texture and glasses apply. From top to bottom, he has propschick’s freebie Merry Hair, Valea’s freebie Gisele Jewels pearl choker, Daz/Ravenhair’s Carhop [dress, apron, food tray and pose] for Genesis Female, Adzan’s freebie Solar Solace jewelry for Hiro 3 and Nemain’s Ecstasy Ballet Boots for V4. Shader-wise, we can blame the kerchief, the ponytail holders and the boots on Sickleyield/Fuseling’s Latex/Rubber Shaders for DS. Dress pattern is from a free texture tile from, tweaked by me. Backdrop is a photo by me.

Moral of the story: Don’t piss Jareth off!

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