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Hey, it’s Allyson!

Hey, it’s Allyson! published on No Comments on Hey, it’s Allyson!

Jennifer’s girlfriend! All dressed up to go to the fair! [It’s a kinky carnival, okay?] The hair, the glasses, the socks and the sneakers are usual…it’s just the dress and the underwear that she trots out for special fetishy occasions. 😀

Allyson is a Genesis base with Daz/3DSublime’s Raysee Doll texture for V4/A4. I don’t remember all the morphs I used on her, but the body morph definitely features some Genesis base morphs, including Heavy and Pear Shape, as well as the V4 clone shape for Genesis. For her head, I used AprilYSH’s Calais character morph for V4 and some Capsces Digital Imaging Morphia morphs for V4, both of which were ported over using Dimension3D’s GenX. Hair is AprilYSH’s Calais, tinted by me. Glasses are Slosh’s SPEX for Genesis. Dress is Daz/3DLust/Sarsa’s Nitro Dress for Genesis, shaded with Sickeyield and Fuseling’s Latex and Rubber Shaders for DS. Thong is from Propschick’s Lady Gaia for V4 outfit. Stockings are LittleDragon’s freebie Stockings for V4 [rainbow texture included!]. Sneakers are from Adzan’s freebie Small Sins for H3. Pose from Daz/Ravenhair’s Carhop for Genesis Female. Background from a photo by me.

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