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Hi there, Addoms Hagar Burial Ground!

Hi there, Addoms Hagar Burial Ground! published on No Comments on Hi there, Addoms Hagar Burial Ground!

The family plot of some ancestors of mine, located on the outskirts of Plattsburgh, New York, has received thorough treatment on, thanks to one Chris West. There’s a shot of the roadside historical marker sign, as well as the 20th-century commemorative plaque in the cemetery itself. There’s also a front view of the whole thing, complete with raised plot, surrounding stone wall topped with fence and steps into the burial ground.

I’m most excited to see records of all 13 burials in the cemetery, with accompanying photos of headstones. Naturally, I sought and found my favorite: the stone of John Addoms Hagar [1822-1833]. The record does not have a transcription of the epitaph, but I can clearly read the best part from the photo:

In Death he exclaimed
I see the Angles.

I really need to get back there for more photos…

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