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One expression changes everything.

One expression changes everything. published on No Comments on One expression changes everything.

Here’s Jareth. On the left, usual wear. On the right, draggin’ it up. Same person, same pose. All that differs, beyond outfit, hair and makeup, is the expression. But what a difference!

In this picture, the expression is Flirting Feminine Left dialed up to 100%. As far as I’m concerned, he’s winking while blowing invisible bubbles. :p

In this picture, the expression is Flirting Masculine Left. Words cannot adequately encompass how creepy I find this expression, which should more accurately be termed Sleazy Bastard Left. It looks stiff, predatory and forced. Do not trust anyone who bares their teeth at you like this. They are fixing to consume you, either literally or metaphorically. Ick ick ick. I’m sorry I made you do that, Jareth.

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