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Zombieville Prologue 2: “The Goth vs. the Public”

Zombieville Prologue 2: “The Goth vs. the Public” published on No Comments on Zombieville Prologue 2: “The Goth vs. the Public”

Isabel Forrest, warrior against bigotry and inaccuracy everywhere, takes on anti-zombie media and passersby.

01 02 03 04 05 06 06b 07 08 Notes: Burlington divides into several neighborhoods, one of which is the South End. Once a light industrial area, the South End now houses many artist studios in the repurposed factory buildings, along with various restaurants and bakeries. Most of the commercial activity occurs along Pine Street, while single-family homes and three-story houses subdivided into apartments spread out elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Everyone around here knows about the Barge Canal. As the name suggests, it’s an old barge canal that was contaminated with waste from a coal gasification plant in the first half of the 20th century. The EPA has been struggling to manage the polluted wetlands in the area for over a decade. It’s now a soggy forested lot, partly fenced off, where no one goes except scientists who are monitoring soil and water quality.

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