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The perfect silly cyborg set for Dawn!

The perfect silly cyborg set for Dawn! published on No Comments on The perfect silly cyborg set for Dawn!

I downloaded Hivewire3D’s Dawn because she was free and I wanted her odd bouffant/ponytail hair. I didn’t play much with the figure and quickly left her for G1 and eventually G2F, now my preferred base. For BlackRain and SixthSense’s new RuntimeDNA release, B.L.U. XR-512, however, I would either reinstall Dawn or just invest in EvilInnocence’s CrossDresser to convert it to V4 and then autofit to G2F. I think I should just spring for CrossDresser — free base program, $9.97 license to convert from any supported figure to V4 — because it might crunch some clothes better than Wardrobe Wizard.

I probably need a tag for "robots" at this point…

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