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3-D printed 1:6 scale crutches: education

3-D printed 1:6 scale crutches: education published on No Comments on 3-D printed 1:6 scale crutches: education

I just signed up to attend a free orientation at Blu-Bin tomorrow, which will give me the necessary information about their policies, parameters and products! After reading a mediocre review, I’m not expecting miracles, but at least I should come away knowing what file types Blu-Bin accepts, the different properties of their printed plastic, how they scale models correctly and the general cost of items.

I just got a few more ideas for things to make besides forearm crutches:

  • single-footed canes
  • four-footed canes
  • white canes [for visually impaired people]
  • below-the-knee prostheses
  • below-the-elbow prostheses

I would really like to create one of the old-fashioned below-the-elbow prostheses with a functional forked hook, but that would require finding a hook. A below-the-knee prosthesis would probably be easier, since it wouldn’t be articulated at the end.

The possibilities are exciting!

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