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Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 06/14/2014

Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 06/14/2014 published on No Comments on Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 06/14/2014

Nine people and God knows how many dolls attended last Saturday’s get-together. For the very first time, other types of dolls outnumbered the BJDs! Monster Highs represented very well, thanks to Shannon. 

Some attendees had dolls that did not come with them. I encouraged these enthusiasts to bring their dolls [including vintage and antique!] next time for even more doll-related fun. Maybe someday we’ll have like 10 active members…. Oh well, I can dream, right? 😀

Onto the photos!!!

APnucka’s Mattel Monster High custom with sculpted snout and horns, as well as custom paint job.

APnucka’s Jun Planning Ai [sleepy version]. Probably around 15cm tall.

APnucka’s Jun Planning Taeyang with custom faceup and recently added piercing.

APnucka’s Jun Planning Create Your Own Pullip, now with added mecha arm!

Lyrajean’s Iplehouse EID Asa.

Lyrajean’s Obitsu 27cm [pay no attention to the bare chest — her vintage Barbie clothes were a little large!].

Lyrajean’s Obitsu head on Volks Dollfie 27cm body wearing Takara Jenny clothes.

Lyrajean’s Iplehouse EID Bichun.

Lyrajean’s Iplehouse EID Bibiane.

Lyrajean’s Volks YoSD Kira.

Lyrajean’s two Customhouse Petites Anges, Yuriel on the left and Sariel on the right.

Lyrajean’s Customhouse Petite Ange Yuriel wearing a wig originally sported by vermont chick’s Alchemic Lab Chibi Lilin [see below].

My Elfdoll Winky [original edition] pets my Evethecat British cat with open eyes and regular ears. The cat treats are a Japanese eraser purchased from Lyrajean.

This is my new desktop on my home computer because it’s so damn adorable!

Newcomer Melface’s Souldoll Cubarem.

Melface’s DollZone Raphael.

Melface’s Doll Leaves Royal.

Shannon brought loads of Mattel Monster Highs! All those following belong to her. Above, Frankie Stein with custom sweater by Shannon and Draculaura with dress by Shannon.

Two Abbie Bominables with custom dresses by Shannon. Yarn wig on right by Shannon.

Venus McFlytrap with perm and faceup by SHannon.

Spectra Vondergeist with faceup and dress by Shannon.

Honey Swamp with custom faceup and outfit by Shannon. She’s a rosebush!

vermont chick’s Fairyland Model Delf [?] Avalanche.

vermont chick’s Iplehouse nYID Oscar.

vermont chick’s Alchemic Lab Chibi Lilin.

vermont chick’s second Iplehouse BID Ringo.

vermont chick’s Iplehouse EID Soo on SID body with redone faceup [again] by vermont chick.

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