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A digital model I would really like…

A digital model I would really like… published on No Comments on A digital model I would really like…

A dress with ridiculously huge leg-o’-mutton sleeves like Sarah’s in Labyrinth. And I don’t mean standard leg-o’-mutton sleeves — I mean sleeves that equal a panniered skirt in width and make it impossible to go through doors head on.

Jareth: "Why don’t you put some sitting morphs in the Lady de Lioncourt Dress, the Skirt, the Marie Louise 18th Century Gown and that Extravaganza thing? I mean — what’s the use of ridiculously voluminous dresses if you can’t sit in ’em?"

Me: "A) I don’t have the 18th Century Gown anymore; I thought it overlapped too much with Lady de Lioncourt. B) The Skirt already has sit morphs. C) Shush. I’ll get to Lady de Lioncourt and Extravaganza when I have the time."

Jareth: *adds the Victorian Gown for G2F, Penny Dreadfull for G2F and the Marie Louise to my Daz wishlist* "Did you notice that Penny Dreadfull is 50% off?"

Me: "The creator explicitly told me he couldn’t make it sit. The bustle gets in the way."

Jareth: "So take the bustle off."

Me: "I’m going back to work."

Jareth: "Hey!" 

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