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Progress on digital hair goals

Progress on digital hair goals published on No Comments on Progress on digital hair goals

 At the end of July, I made a list of hair models that I wanted to create:

  • the Goblin King’s hair from Labyrinth
  • a decent Farrah Fawcett ‘do
  • Pippi Longstocking braids
  • a detailed mullet with lots of feathering along the sides
  • a true Gibson Girl bouffant
  • 1980s hair with bangs fixed into a fluffy wave with hairspray, sides held back from face with barrettes
  • a center parted wedge cut, longer in front than in back, with bangs and a buzzed nape
  • straight, shoulder-length, center-parted hair with sufficient volume, bangs and an integrated headband
  • my hair 3 weeks after shaving it: sticking out straight and soft about a half an inch in all directions
  • a fantastical pompadour-like ‘do that can rise and expand to truly comical heights and widths

The Goblin King’s hair = Aliza, my first digital hair freebie. I did complete a set of Pippi braids, but the bangs kept pissing me off, so I left it alone. I really hate bangs that lie flat. The fantastical pompadour = Zabby, still yet to be released.

I even did my own buzz cut, but I’m saving that for a separate post because it’s not a hair model, but rather a preset for a procedural shader. There are two more hairstyles that I want to accomplish with this shader:

  • short mohawk
  • late stage baldness with a rim of hair around the ears and back of the head

More later…

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