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Dollism Plus, Buffalo, NY, 09/19/2014: photos from room sales

Dollism Plus, Buffalo, NY, 09/19/2014: photos from room sales published on No Comments on Dollism Plus, Buffalo, NY, 09/19/2014: photos from room sales

Janna and I, with Araminthe and Timonium in tow, drove to Buffalo, NY, this past weekend for the BJD convention I’ve been anticipating for months: Dollism. With no expensive BJD projects in the offing, I attended the convention with very little spending money and the goal of taking as many photos as possible.

We arrived at the Hyatt Regency on Friday evening, exhausted, after a desperately tedious drive across the entire Empire State. We missed all the workshops and dealer booths for that day. However, room sales — individual attendees and dealers selling things out of their hotel rooms — were going on, so I grabbed my camera, my business cards and Timonium, then ventured forth to acquire photos. I always asked before snapping away, and everyone graciously consented to have photos of their dolls taken.

Below, Aska’s Iplehouse EID Leonard in NS, Carved Heritage special edition, wearing Soom Idealian Dover’s outfit. Below that, her unpainted Mushroom Peddlar Scratch in WS.

Nalisinko Workshop flew in from China to showcase her beautiful, elaborate creations. Below, her Iplehouse EID Carina in WS wearing Special Limited Edition, followed by Soom Super Gem MD Vesuvia in light violet wearing BJDP6 [Steampunk]. Nalisinko did both faceups, made the outfits and designed the shoes.

The Doll Peddlar, a dealer, had a variety of dolls for sale. I wasn’t keen on Doll Chateau Alma’s big front teeth, but I appreciate the very stylized DC aesthetic and poofy, tattery outfit. Doll Chateau Alma fullset in WS with company faceup.

Pris84 and some friends were selling stuff, but I wanted to photo their dolls on display. Below, Pris84’s Dollshe Hound in NS, faceup by SDink.

Below, Kerseru’s Volks SDGr Nono Winter Smile on left with faceup by Call Me Gorgeous. On right, Chandra’s Luts Winter Event head [either 2009 or 2011] on a Cerebrus Project Senior Delf body with faceup by Call Me Gorgeous.

Below, elfears’ Batchix Mini Machina Delta.

Below, April’s Dear Mine Nekomata Roy. That is one happy-looking fox!

I spent a lot of time hanging out in the room of Myrretah and friends, where there were many appealing dolls. Below, Okami Kodomo’s Immortality of Soul Class 50 Cho.

Below, Myrretah’s Dream of Doll Luke; she modded the head and made the eyes. Below that is her self-sculpted head Cain in WS, which she cast and did the faceup for.

Another doll of Myrretah’s, in progress, is below. Faceplates are, from left to right, Zeke, Anya, Andreas and Alex [on the body].

Here is Myrretah’s Immortality of Soul Blood Class 70 head on a Spirit Doll Proud body. Again, she did the faceup and made the eyes. Seeing IOS headsculpts in person has convinced me to get one myself. I adore their pointiness. They’re like anime translated into 3D!

Finally there’s Myrretah’s Migidoll fairy Jina head on a Doll Family A body. She opened his eyes, added a teeth plate, did the faceup and made the wig [not really shown].

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